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Industrial Battery, UPS & Charger Specialists

Welcome to Battery Service Hub Pty (BSH), a leading supplier of Industrial Batteries, UPS & Chargers. Our product range is comprehensive, delivering energy storage systems and solutions to clients over a wide range of industrial applications.

We offer high-quality products, factory-direct with full OEM warranties.

At BSH we are committed to safety. All of our products are International Safety Standard Compliant. This is our obligation to you, our client.


A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is essential for protection of critical loads, but the most crucial part of your backup power infrastructure, is the reliability of the energy storage system/battery protecting the power supply output. When it comes to power protection of sensitive equipment, we provide an extensive range of high quality, reliable products, proven for decades worldwide.

Oil, Gas & Power Gen

Power generation, distribution and industrial process control are critical to providing our community with safe and reliable power. At BSH we are constantly advancing and evolving our products to suit todays changing demands for the power network to be robust and resilient.

We support existing and new power generation sources: Coal, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Hydro, Wind and Solar with robust and proven technologies in hundreds of worldwide applications.

Electrical Grid Utilities

Power utility architecture has the need for proven and robust energy storage solutions to support the safety and reliability of the power network. As Substations evolve to protect and support new and old power generation sources – we ensure our high-quality products and services allow HV switchgear and Substations to operate with the assurance of safety and continuity.

Data Centre

In a data centre, batteries are used as a backup power source for servers in case of a power outage. The batteries provide temporary power to keep the servers running while the data centre switches to a generator or another power source. This is done to prevent data loss or corruption and to ensure that the servers continue to operate without interruption. In a data centre, batteries are often part of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system.


Telecom batteries are designed for use in telecommunications equipment, such as cell towers, base stations and other telecommunication infrastructure. They provide backup power to the telecom equipment in the event of a power outage or blackout, allowing the equipment to continue operating and maintaining communication services.

Solar & Renewables

Renewable energy sources generate electricity from natural resources, such as the sun and wind, resources that are not always available.

Battery storage technology plays a crucial role in ensuring that homes and businesses can be powered by renewable energy, even during periods when the sun isn’t shining or the wind has stopped blowing. By storing the energy generated by renewable sources, battery storage systems provide a reliable and consistent source of power.


BSH has a wide range of battery systems and UPS solutions for railway vehicles, trams and electric buses. Our solutions are designed to cope with the mobility and heavy load demands needed to power traction and control systems.

Emergency Security

Security and Fire alarm backup batteries provide power to critical alarm systems in the event of a power outage, to ensure that alarm systems continue to operate and provide safety and warning signals. Our battery and UPS systems ensure continual operation of Emergency & Security systems during a power outage.


In the healthcare industry, batteries are extensively used to power devices such as prosthetics, neurostimulation devices, remote monitoring tools, critical care equipment, respiratory assistance machines, defibrillators, operating theatre instruments and patient mobility devices. They are incredibly important should there be a power outage they can continuously run any equipment and emergency lighting.

Cleaning Machines

Cleaning machines can be very demanding on batteries due to the constant cyclic application – this is why BSH select specialist deep-cycle lead acid and lithium batteries, designed to cope with the high demand. Our batteries and chargers are designed to operate in confined spaces and compact cleaning equipment such as floor scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, and pressure washers.


BSH are the experts in marine batteries, our range can supply anything from a commercial freighter to a domestic watercraft, and we have the correct marine battery for every application. Marine batteries are typically used to power the electrical systems on a boat, including the engine starting system, navigation lights, electronics, and other accessories. It’s important to select a marine battery that is appropriately sized for the electrical needs of your boat and to properly maintain your battery to ensure its longevity and performance.

Golf Utility Vehicles

Golf carts, utility vehicles and other small, electric-powered mobile applications have very specific power requirements. At BSH we understand these needs. Our range of electric vehicle batteries are designed to deliver a reliable, high-powered output, to support the demands electric vehicles place upon the battery. Our batteries are manufactured to provide hours of continuous operation and the robust power needed to move your vehicle and its passengers.

Access Platforms

Access Platforms and Scissor Lifts require an efficient and reliable power source primarily due to the safety of machine operators, and the demanding applications in which these machines are subjected to.

When downtime is not an option – BSH can provide the best battery product to ensure continuous operation of your Access Platform application.

We provide specialised, large-capacity batteries suitable for all access platform applications and budget requirements.

Material Handling

Material handling batteries are specifically designed for use in equipment, such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and electric lift trucks. These batteries provide the power necessary for the equipment to lift, move, and transport heavy loads in a warehouse or other material handling environments.


Batteries for mobility scooters or wheelchairs are specialised batteries designed to provide power for these devices, allowing people with mobility issues to get around more easily. BSH has a range of sizes and capacities to accommodate the different types of mobility devices. Typically, all mobility scooter and electric wheelchair batteries are 12V, and generally get installed in pairs to generate a 24V output.

Go Green

We value Green credentials. We also value performance. That’s why our technologically advanced batteries are not just used in solar/renewable applications but also in traditional back-up energy storage and traction environments. Conventional flooded (lead-acid) batteries and 2-volt cells once ruled this market, but that has changed as sealed (Gel/AGM) batteries now offer great performance, and long life expectancy, efficient charging profiles and are free from watering maintenance.

Our Brands

Energy Storage

What Our Client Say​
Excellent customer service from the BSH team. From our initial enquiry to project delivery, their attention to detail assisted the smooth running of this project segment. With outstanding after-sales support and knowledgeable on-site electricians who commissioned the systems, we would certainly have no hesitation in engaging BSH for our next project.

David M. - Project Manager, Electrical Systems
What Our Client Say​
The products and services we have received from BSH over the years has been consistently superb! Friendly, efficient & patient. The sales and service support team are very technically switched on with regards to their Battery and UPS products – every interaction has been a pleasure – thank you!

James B - Data Centre Facilities Manager
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