Battery Maintenance

UPS & Battery Maintenance

Critical Load Preventative Maintenance Services.

A Preventative Maintenance program assists with ensuring peak system reliability, resulting in the integrity and continuity of your critical load. BSH offer standard or customised Preventive Maintenance scheduling to suit any site-specific requirements. Our Preventative Maintenance programs significantly reduce emergency call outs and unexpected equipment outages.

Please contact us to discuss your critical load Preventive Maintenance requirements.

The most common failure point in a UPS is the Battery. Preventive Maintenance is vital to achieve maximum battery life and ensure optimal UPS performance, whilst protecting critical loads.

Battery Impedance Testing

Impedance & voltage testing measures individual batteries within a UPS system. By logging and analysing the recorded data we can make assured predictions on how capable the battery will be able to support critical loads during an AC mains outage. By applying trend analysis over the life of the battery, we can identify when a battery is entering failure mode and should be replaced, ensuring critical load integrity. 

On Site Battery Monitoring Systems

Battery monitoring systems provide 24/7 visibility of individual battery conditions. The monitoring systems have sensors connected to each battery which measure voltage, impedance and temperature – alarm parameters are configured within the battery monitoring controller and will send alarms to the Building Management System if the battery condition sways outside of the manufacturer’s specification.

Load Bank Testing

Two yearly load bank testing on a stationary battery system will assist in extending the service life of the battery and will confirm how much battery capacity remains. We provide all types of AC and DC load bank testing – client test and report documents are provided following maintenance load bank testing, confirming critical factors such as UPS/Battery capacity percentages, system health, performance & ongoing recommendations.