TAB Stationary Battery

TAB Stationary Battery

TAB was founded in 1965 as a subsidiary of Rudnik Mežica Holding (Lead Mine Mežica Holding) in a region with a long history of lead activity. We are proud to offer a wide range of TAB OPzS stationary batteries, which are produced using conventional lead-acid technology.

TAB OPzS batteries are designed for a variety of applications, including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Computers
  • Emergency lighting
  • Alarm systems
  • Control and monitoring systems
  • Power plants
  • Distribution stations
  • Railway stations
  • Airports

Due to their extremely low self-discharge, TAB OPzS batteries are also ideal for use in solar power systems.

Features of TAB OPzS Batteries

  • High capacity
  • Long life
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Low self-discharge
  • Quick and simple acid level control
  • Economical water consumption
  • Appropriate dimensions and weight
  • The lowest and constant maintenance current

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