BSH are the experts in marine batteries, our range can supply anything from a commercial freighter to a domestic watercraft, and we have the correct marine battery for every application. Marine batteries are typically used to power the electrical systems on a boat, including the engine starting system, navigation lights, electronics, and other accessories. It’s important to select a marine battery that is appropriately sized for the electrical needs of your boat and to properly maintain your battery to ensure its longevity and performance.

There are several types of marine batteries that you will need for your boat, you will need a starting battery (or cranking battery) for the main engine and a deep cycle battery to power the motor and any electronics on board. You can get a battery that can both start the engine and power the motor and electronics these are dual-purpose marine batteries.


  • Marine ‘Starting’ Batteries: Solely used to start the engine, they reliably provide a short burst of power to get it started but cannot then power on-board electronics. These are similar to standard car batteries.
  • Deep Cycle Marine Batteries: They produce and maintain power for extended periods of time, and can be drained and recharged several times. These deep-cycle marine batteries power electronics such as GPS, power sockets and any lights or communication equipment on board.
  • Dual Purpose Batteries: Also known as a hybrid battery they provide both the cranking and auxiliary power for the boat. Ideal for seasonal use, if there is a space or weight limit this 2-in-1 battery may be suitable.


There are also different types of technologies to consider those are; flooded lead-acid batteries, sealed lead-acid batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. Typically though marine batteries are lead-acid and designed to be resistant to harsh marine environments, such as saltwater, vibration, and temperature changes. The technology and type of marine battery you pick entirely depend on the size and use of your boat.

BSH stock a variety of marine battery brands and technologies, for advice or to place an order, contact our experts.

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